Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 Names, 3 books, 3 versres, You Know your Scriptures

Shalom, I hope to find Jewish people that will talk about the Scriptures about Melchizedek the King of Salem. Which you know from the scriptures of Genesis who Abraham when he returned from defeating the five nations and to save Lott he gave To Melchizedek the titehes for Melchizedek was also the High Priest unto the most High HASHEM. Please try to see what this could mean unto you. You know in your Torah That Melchizedek Means King Of Righteousness, King Of Salem Means King of Peace. Now Lets just put these three together! King Of Righteousness, King Of Peace, High Priest To the Most High HASHEM. No where in the Written Words of Your Torah is anyone ever called these three names. Do you know where he came from and where he went. He is not mentioned again until Psalms where David speaks of him again. Not even Moses who is held in very high regard as far as the Jewish Faith. I hope and Pray that HESHEM'S HOLY SPIRIT will begin to make you think. I can tell you more if you read on into this blog. Please understand that I do not have anything to gain as far as myself but for you there is allot at stake. Your HASHEM wants you to understand and he has left these Scriptures to help you to see he is calling you threw the Past, Present, and Future. Yes your HASHEM Loves you very very much and keeps trying anyway he can for anyone who can to see. Shalom

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